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Eye Examinations are the cornerstone of Andrew King Optician.

The eye examination provides not only a spectacle prescription; it is an important opportunity for recognising abnormalities which may indicate injury or disease needing medical care. This applies both to diseases of the eye, which may endanger sight, and to certain other diseases endangering general health.

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Andrew King Optician provides free N.H.S. eye examinations to all eligible patients.

If you are aged between 16-69 years of age then you are entitled to a free N.H.S. eye examination every two years. If you are under 16 or over 70 years of age you may claim an N.H.S. eye examination every year. However if there are any significant changes to your spectacle prescription or to your general health then you may still be able to receive an N.H.S. eye examination outwith the above recommended intervals.

Please discuss your eligibility to receive a free N.H.S. eye examination with the practice.

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Where appropriate the eye examination includes:

  • A health history.
  • A distance and near vision assessment.
  • A refractive analysis for distance and near vision.
  • Eye co-ordination and muscle balance tests.
  • Focusing ability and reflexes tests.
  • Cornea and anterior eye examination, using an instrument called a slit lamp biomicroscope.
  • Retina, optic nerve and blood vessel inspection.
  • Digital photography of the retina in each eye. (See below for further information).
  • Tests for glaucoma, known as tonometry.
  • If required, detailed advice on the appropriate optical correction for your visual needs and lifestyle.

Eye Examination Aparatus

In recent years, one of the biggest advancements in eye examinations has been the introduction of digital retinal photography.

These cameras allow a detailed photograph to be taken of the back of the eye – the retina.

The Retina Close Up

This becomes a permanent record allowing the health of the eye to be monitored during subsequent eye examinations. Retinal photography is routinely performed on those over sixty, however it is used on younger people where appropriate. The procedure takes only a few seconds and is totally painless.

Over the years, Andrew King Optician has invested heavily in the latest sight testing equipment. All stages of the eye examination are conducted in the same room and are performed personally by Andrew King.

Consultation is by appointment only and an eye examination for an adult typically lasts between 30 to 40 minutes. Please bring your existing spectacles or contact lenses with you. Where appropriate, contact lens packaging is often useful too.

If you would like to book an eye examination appointment, please telephone the practice on:


Alternatively, feel free to call in at the practice. 

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